our story

"Gajah.co takes its name from the elephants, the strong characters of ancient civilizations for which fairy tales are written.

The story of our birth comes from the elephant (Gajah) in Hindu, Malay and Indonesian. Elephants, one of the oldest inhabitants of the world and a part of all ancient civilizations, remind us once again the power of life with their memory, joy, sorrow, loyalty, compassion and purity.

At Gajah.co, we are trying to express our feelings.

In this colorful world we have created, there are memories of our childhood that refused to be trapped in the crowd, gray and sullenness of the city. Here, each design has its own name and story.

Because we believe in the power of good and hopeful stories."

our future

"We have a concern to protect our children and our home, in other words, our planet and our future. For this reason, we want every production we produce to reach you through the journey of recycling and upcycling.

We need to sustainably improve life for future generations, and for this, we take care to make the right choices.

At Gajah.co, we work to reduce our ecological footprint and source our resources mostly from recycled materials.

We work with domestic producers in all our processes to contribute to our country." 

our products

"For now, we are only available with two different products. One of them is succulents and the other is candles. If we grow a little bigger in the future, maybe then we can open a small place and keep it alive as both a workshop and a cafe and meet you there."